Important note: Pair and connect your watch first before updating tracking data on your device.

1. Turn On Bluetooth on the phone and launch the NOWA Watch app.

2. Turn On Bluetooth on the watch by pushing and holding the crown for 3 seconds.

Your watch automatically reconnects every time you open the NOWA app with Bluetooth enabled.

3. Swipe down on My Whole Day page to sync data.



  • It is normal for reconnection to take a few seconds. To speed reconnection, simply push the watch crown to wake up the device.
  • Sync your watch with the app at least once a week.

4. Once the data downloaded, turn Off Bluetooth on your watch by pressing the crown again for 3 seconds.

To save battery life: Turn Off Bluetooth on your watch when not connecting the app (The watch still tracks your activities). The NOWA watch is designed to track your daily activity and for smart features (call reject, camera control) during a short period of time. We do not recommend you to keep your watch always connected. You can connect the app from time to time (once a day) to collect data.

Enjoy your NOWA watch for activity tracking, sleep quality, and more…