The NOWA watch is designed with a snap off type case back and works with a standard CR2025 e-cell. To ensure water resistance and product integrity, bring your watch to an authorized watch shop to change the battery.

Required tools:

  • Flat blade opening tool
  • Thin screw driver
  • Watch case holder
  • Watch press repair tool
  • Water resistant testing tool
Nowa_watch_battery replacement_tools.jpg

1. Release the strap and secure the watch case upside down in the holder.

2. Insert the flat blade under the raised lip on the watch case back.

3. Twist the blade so that the back unclips from the watch case.

4. Replace the CR2025 battery using the thin screw driver to extract it gently.

Ensure that the red LED blinks several times. If not, remove the battery and put it back.

5. Use a watch press tool to close the case back. Remove the strap then protect the case using soft fabric on top and bottom of the case.

Important note: Do not try to use a kitchen knife or a screwdriver to lift up the watch case back.

The NOWA watch enters into factory mode automatically with Bluetooth of the watch powered Off and with hands stopped. Follow the instructions here on how to activate and pair your watch.