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A word from the Dev Team

The NOWA app is a beta release for influencers and reviewers. We would be grateful if you could report to us any issues or bugs when using with your device. We want the product to be perfect when released to the market on June.


Install the NOWA Watch app

Open this page on your phone and select iOS or Android to download the NOWA Watch app for your watch.


Connect your watch for the first time

Watch the video to learn how to pair and set time on your watch. Or go here to follow detailed instructions. 


Pair your watch


1. Turn On Bluetooth on phone and launch the NOWA Watch app. 

Important Note: If you set time for the first time, skip the app guidelines for Watch Pairing

2. Go to  App / My watch / Watch Settings / pair and stay on the page Devices Nearby

Important Note: Allow NOWA to access photos, media, files and your location on your device, as well as to take pictures and record video.

3. Push and hold the crown of the watch for more than 5 seconds until the LED blinks several times. Now, the device can be found and displayed in the device list.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 20.58.43.png

4. Tap on the name Nowa that appears on the page. The app will begin pairing. The Device paired message appears once the watch connects successfully.

Important Note: If your watch is not found, Swipe down on Devices Nearby page to search for your device. 


5. Push the crown of the watch to confirm connection. 

Important Note For iPhone: Accept the Pairing request that appears immediately after the watch connection confirmation.


You watch is now paired and connected to your app. Enjoy your NOWA watch for automatic time zone sync, activity tracking, sleep quality, and more


Set time on your watch

Important note

  • Pair and connect your watch first before setting time on your device. 
  • If you set time for the first time, skip the app guidelines.

1. Go to  App / Functions / Hands Adjustment and stay on the page Hour hand adjustment.

2. Slide the virtual hand to the same position as the hour hand on your watch. Tap Next.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 21.48.26.png

3. Repeat as above in Minute hand adjustment to adjust the minute hand. Tap Next

4. Then tap OK on Automatic repositioning. The virtual hands should be at the same position as on your watch.


5. If you set time for the first time, features display. Swipe left then tap on Start The NOWA Journey. The app switches to the dashboard My Whole Day.

Important Note: In the meantime, the hands on your watch turn clockwise to adjust to your time zone provided by your network. When travelling, make sure to set time on phone first before launching the app and reconnecting your watch.


Update tracking data

Important note: Pair and connect your watch first before updating tracking data on your device. 

1. Turn On Bluetooth on phone and launch the NOWA Watch app. Your Watch automatically reconnect every time you open the NOWA app with Bluetooth enabled.

2. Swipe down on My Whole Day page to sync data. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 22.38.02.png



  • It is normal for reconnection to take a few seconds. To speed reconnection, simply push the watch crown to wake up the device.
  • Sync your watch with the app at least once a week. 


Enjoy your NOWA watch for activity tracking, sleep quality, and more…


Auto Time Zone Update

The Automatic Time Zone sync function is still under development but you can set time on your watch manually.   

If you need to change the time zone on your watch, simply connect your watch then manually input the watch hands position into the app to reposition the watch.