The journey begins...


It all began at an art exhibition in Paris when Ernest Paul, our current CEO, a professional in watch and tech manufacturing, happened to meet Eric Gizard, a bold and respected French designer and artist.

Although experts in different fields, they quickly realized that they were driven by the same philosophy about work and life: to live in the present, and take inspiration from daily life by exploring and creating.

On that day, NOWA was born when they decided to launch their dream - a simple yet clever hybrid smartwatch that elegantly combines fashion and technology.


Clean design by Eric Gizard


Finding his inspiration in the Contemporary Decorative Arts, Eric Gizard designed the Shaper collection with the desire for the perfect balance between forme and function.

The simplicity of the watch face, the slim case for practical, comfortable daily wear and the understated yet refined look have made the NOWA hybrid watch a unique timepiece that is the very definition of excellence. 

Smartwatches are too complicated. I just need a slim watch that makes a fashion statement and automatically sets time when I’m travelling… and nothing else.
— Eric Gizard, French designer and artist, Paris

A Fine Time for Simplicity


In a world where wearables are changing the urban landscapes, everything around us is getting smarter and becoming connected. We believe that watches will play an important role in this evolution by merging traditional analog designs with useful smart features. At NOWA we know that the essence of any hybrid smartwatch lies to the intersection of price, fashion and utility.

In the 21st century people seek refinement, simplicity, personal style and useful technologies. The NOWA design watch satisfies these needs and is the ultimate affordable fashion accessory for watch enthusiasts who travel, work and embrace life.