What makes NOWA’s hybrid watches the sleekest, thinnest, and most stylish in the world? | July 29 2018


Paris, France - Aug 02, 2018 – What makes NOWA’s hybrid watches the sleekest, thinnest, and most stylish in the world?


The world is changing, and everything is becoming smarter. While smart technology simplifies our lives and boosts convenience, this comes at a price – and not just a financial one. Smart technology is often bulky and relies on poor material and construction. Smart watches are no exception.

In 2018 alone, smartwatch sales are projected to reach 141 million units– a number that is on the rise. Regardless of the buzz, most people are put off by the high costsof putting smart wearables on their wrists. The secondary reason most people aren’t happy with current smartwatches is that they fail to offer the number of features they want.Others say existing features are of no use to them.

The most prominent problem for many, and for us, is that smartwatches don’t look like…well…watches. Most people much prefer the classic look and feel of an original watch – not some bulky mechanical machine hanging on your wrist around-the-clock. Unlike traditional timepieces, most smartwatches are built from poor-quality plastic or aluminum that’s not just bad for you, but for the environment too. 

Most watch-wearers would rather spend more on something that will last, without breaking the bank. 

That’s what makes the NOWA Watch nothing short of incredible. This fresh new hybrid revolution is the best of every world. It keeps you connected with a wealth of features, without compromising style, or quality. This minimalistic alternative looks so much like a classic timepiece, nobody will know it’s a smartwatch.


Basically, NOWA features classic quartz movement design and precision, while connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Where most designers and manufacturers focus on more features, sensors, and tech, we pour our energy into preserving the essentials while pushing the aesthetics, feeling, and finish.

We use nothing but the most excellent materials at our disposal, including 316L stainless steel, sapphire coating, Italian leather straps, and trusted Swiss engineering.

In our minds, excellence lies in the details, with satin on top, brushed sides, a sanded bottom, and a signature indigo color on the hands and dial. Every unit is unique and numbered, guaranteeing NOWA authenticity.

Expertly engineered at our creative studio in the heart of Paris, by a team of physically active design-lovers and travelers, The NOWA Watch is about to take the nation by storm. 

Currently, most companieseither focus on technology, or watchmaking, or design. The NOWA Watch is everything all-in-one – tech, precision, style, and functionality.



Born in the mind of Eric Gizard, renowned for his unique approach to design and style, this minimalist smartwatchis undoubtedly one of the slimmest and most elegant hybrid watches on the market. Inspired by the go-getting French spirit, this prestigious timepiece also features quick-release straps that are conveniently interchangeable so you can change up your look to match your mood or next adventure. 

From now on, there’s no excuse notto stay active when traveling – or compromise your personal style. It’s the perfect choice for both men and women, for any occasion, so you can dress to the nines while maintaining a discreet yet elegant look.

The NOWA Watch doesn’t need to be charged every day, making it perfect for busy businesspeople and travelers. In fact, it won’t let you down for at least 8 months, thanks to its standard CR2025 e-cell. What users love about it is that its features are actually useful, including, but not limited to, activity tracking to keep you moving and motivated, automatic time zone adjustment, camera control to take ‘selfies,’ discreet phone call notifications, and much more.

The NOWA Watch is the first of its kind, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. You won’t find it in every corner of your local mall, but you also won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the exclusivity of owning it. NOWA is an independent minimalist smartwatchbrand that allows everyone to afford a smartwatch that looks and feels great. 


The NOWA Watch is the perfect culmination of fashion and function. Whether you’re buying a smartwatch for the first time or are looking for a “smart” upgrade, NOWA might just change your life. This hybrid revolutionis the epitome of sophistication, affordability, attention to detail, and a clean look you simply can’t go wrong with. It’s minimalist in bothdesign and function – a first for the industry.

The NOWA team is committed to excellence, changing the status quo by bringing humanity back to its roots – a place where watches are used to tell the time.

To learn more or to purchase your first NOWA smartwatch today, visit Nowa.Watch/Shaper-Watches.

The NOWA Team