How to Set Time

Set Time On Your Watch

Important note:

  • Pair and connect your watch first before setting the time on your device.
  • If you are setting time for the first time, skip the app guidelines.

1. Go to  App / Functions / Hands Adjustment and stay on the page Hour hand adjustment.

2. Slide the virtual hand to the same position as the hour hand on your watch. Tap Next.

Important note: You must indicate the time displayed on your watch and not the time that you want to set.


3. Repeat as above in Minute hand adjustment to adjust the minute hand. Tap Next.

4. Then tap OK on Automatic repositioning. The virtual hands should be at the same position as on your watch.

5. If you are setting time for the first time, an introduction of the watch features will display. Swipe left then tap on Start The NOWA Journey. The app switches to the dashboard My Whole Day.

Important note: In the meantime, the hands on your watch turn clockwise to adjust to your time zone provided by your network. When traveling, make sure to set time on your phone first before launching the app and reconnecting your watch.