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The hybrid watch with style.


Remember when a watch was used to tell us the time? Well, at NOWA, we haven’t forgotten those days and that’s exactly what our thin hybrid smartwatches do.

They’re also designed exclusively in Paris so they look chic yet contemporary.


Top Sellers


Natural steel / Brown - 40 mm


Natural steel / Black - 40 mm


Rose gold / Black - 40 mm


Black / Striped canvas - 40 mm



On the go? Take NOWA with you

Life moves fast these days and we’re all searching for simplicity in this heavily tech based world.

A smart watch doesn’t have to be ‘brilliant’. Just ‘smart’ enough will do.

That’s why our smart watches are perfect for the active person who cares about style. They are elegant timepieces with a minimalist design to be worn every day by people on the move.

NOWA watches give you the best of two worlds. You get a classically stylish quartz watch and just enough tech for when you travel.



Clean Design, Smart Technology

Our watches are exclusively designed in Paris and hand-crafted with attention to detail and just the right amount of intelligence.

Each one is engraved with a unique serial number for authentication so you’ll always know you’re wearing a one of a kind, distinctive time piece.

Whether you’re attending a formal event or about to board a plane for travel – You’ll feel great and look sharp wearing your NOWA watch.



Simple, Elegant, Smart.

Those are the qualities that were most important to our renowned designer – Eric Gizard. 

Eric is well-known in the art world for his designs and he skillfully captured the essence of Simple, Elegant, and Smart in designing NOWA watches.


The Choice is Yours

You can wear the bloated smart watch with endless functions and dull if non-existent style from the tech companies. Or, you can wear the world’s sleekest designer smart watch with an analog face and unwavering style from NOWA.

The choice is easy.

I travel quite often and the NOWA watch is the perfect companion. I love that it automatically updates to the local time so I never have to guess what time it is.
— Steven J. - Hong Kong
This is the best looking and thinnest smartwatch I’ve ever owned. Comfortable and with just the right amount of features. These guys nailed it!
— Celine G. - Paris, France

Paris is our hometown. We live, enjoy life and create here.

Welcome to the NOWA circle of Excellence!

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