A classic smart watch for travel and life


The NOWA smartwatch lets embrace technology without losing the beauty of the past.


The NOWA watch is a slim analog watch for men and woman tha perfectly fits your style. The NOWA watch is more than just an elegant classic timepiece with an incredible fashion appeal, it is also engineered for technological excellence! The NOWA watch seamlessly connects to your smartphone to improve your daily life by tracking your activity and sleep while automatic syncing to your time zone. It is the perfect smart timepiece to travel and enjoy your city, your world and your life.

NOWA background.001.jpeg

Thin Refined Look!

Less is more. A classic watch design reimagined for modern lifestyles.

Just 9.75mm thick

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NOWAdays, things are different!


The Definition of Excellence

Behind the scenes, the passion is in the details.


Choose the watch that fits your style

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